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Events 2013

Date Event
Saturday February 15th 2013 Port Tasting
Saturday & Sunday Wine Sale
Date Event
Saturday March 1st Vineyard Class
Date Harvest
- Done for the year

Please email krusewine (at) aol (dot) com (Sorry not hotlink because of SPAM) or call 408-842-7458 if you have any questions.

Please drive slowly (30) on Dryden Ave. There are kids, horses, dogs and people taking a walk on our road. Also enjoy our wine responsibly.

Thanks, Tom

Saturday, Feb 15th, 12:00PM to 4:00PM

Dear Friends
On Saturday February 15th we will be tasting the 2013 Port that we produced from our Estate Merlot.

We had a lot of nice folks who Pre-purchased this wine last Fall. At the time we needed some capital infusion to finance the purchase of the distilled spirits that we used to arrest the fermentation and preserve the wine with some residual sweetness in it. There is a tasting fee for this event but it will be refunded with a wine purchase.

We will also be having a wine sale both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday and Sunday Feb 25th - 16th

Wine Sale

40% off any case, no single bottle more than $10.

Two days only. Please pick up wine purchases the days of the sale. This is a good opportunity to buy some remarkable wine at terrific savings.

Saturday March 1st - Vineyard Class

Register Now to be Assured of a Place. Limited Space

Is There a Vineyard In Your Future?

This class will provide the information you need to answer that question. If the answer is yes then you will learn how to get started and what to do step by step. Much of what the aspiring vineyardist needs is just information.

Take any single aspect of planting a vineyard and learn the "who, what, when, where and why"of it. The only things that you alone will have to answer are, "Do I have the time, the inclination and the money?"

I will tell you exactly what things cost except for the land. I will show you how to make a workable plan for the new vineyard. We will go through everything from pounding in a stake, digging a hole and planting a vine to training and pruning.

Topics Covered in Depth

  1. What do you want from a vineyard? Landscaping? Make your own wine? Sell grapes? How much will a vineyard cost? How much will it produce?
  2. Vineyard site. Suitability of soil and climate for chosen variety. Soil preparation. Till or no till. Cover crops.
  3. Selection of appropriate rootstock and variety you want to grow. Which varieties are prone to diseases.
  4. What kind of trellis should you use? Choose from five different training methods. One will be best for you and your site.
  5. The actual structure of the vineyard; stakes, end posts, wire, crossarms, connectors, anchors, tools, tillage, etc.
  6. Laying out the vineyard. Row direction; North/South or East/West. Spacing between the rows and the vines. How many vines to the acre.
  7. Digging the holes and planting. There is a best way and a worst way to plant a grapevine.
  8. First year growth and training. Second year, etc. Protection from frost, pests, diseases and well meaning friends.
  9. Pruning. How to. This is the single most important annual job in your vineyard. Good pruning adds years to the life of a vine.
  10. Irrigation? Drip irrigation is the best method. Formulas and practices that allow you to design your own system and avoid costly mistakes.

All This and More

Contact me: email or call 408-842-7458 to secure you place.

Claire looking around Claires Field

Thomas Kruse Winery - 3200 Dryden Avenue, Gilroy, CA 95020 - Krusewine (at) aol (dot) com (no hotlink due to SPAMMers)
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